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There are few sports fans who don’t like the NFL, one of the biggest and easily most exciting sports leagues in the world.

And there is no question that NFL Football is the most popular betting sport in the world, with hundreds of thousands of wagers and millions of dollars placed on bets throughout the regular season and the playoffs.

And when it comes to the NFL championship game, the Super Bowl, people who don’t even normally follow football come out of the woodwork to make a wager on Super Sunday.

But the fact of the matter is the NFL, for all its betting popularity, is far from the easiest sport to wager on. There are numerous factors that go into a team winning a game straight up, or covering the point spread, or the combined score of the two teams going over or under the total.

So when bettors want to make some money with their NFL Betting ventures, they usually try to find a reputable Sports Handicapping service that offers NFL Picks.

And even better are Free NFL Picks, which the better Football Handicappers are willing to offer as a way to show they know what they are doing.

There are many places to find Football Picks, including Free NFL Picks, but very few of them are very legitimate, and in fact many are downright lying when they boast about their win-loss records and make promises about how much you can expect to win with their picks. Very few are run by true Sports Handicapping experts who can back up their NFL Football Picks with a consistent record over a long period of time.

But bettors of NFL Football who have been around awhile and have tried various handicappers only to be disappointed, and often left with an empty betting account, know that one of the most reliable Football Handicapping services is Vegas Top Cappers.

Vegas Top Cappers is a highly respected sports handicapping agency that has built and earned a solid reputation in the industry with its Free NFL Picks. The company’s selections win consistently the majority of the time. Of course, no one can pick every game correctly; the point is to make a profit over the course of a season, season after season.

With 32 teams in the NFL and more than a dozen games every week for 17 weeks, not including the NFL Playoffs, properly and successfully handicapping the NFL requires a lot of homework. There are countless trends, statistics, reports and other information to go over before making a decision on which team will cover the spread, win outright, or whether the game will go over or under.

No matter what level you are at as an NFL Football Betting fan, or whether it’s a regular season game or a playoff game or the Super Bowl, Vegas Top Cappers can help you make money with its Free NFL Picks. That way, you can enjoy the game as a fan, enjoy the excitement of watching your pick win, and enjoy your profits after the game.