College Basketball Betting

Sports Betting fans like to wager on all sorts of sports, but there are also many who prefer one particular sport to wager on.

One of the most popular betting sports is College Basketball Betting, in which bettors place bets on NCAA Basketball games. Many bettors will often seek out College Basketball Picks to help them make money with their wagers. Bettors usually get their picks from reputable handicappers like Vegas Top Cappers.

The highlight of the entire College Basketball season is March Madness, which starts with the conference tournaments and wins up with the NCAA Tournament. Like they do during the regular season, many Basketball Betting fans will look for March Madness Picks to help them profit from their College Basketball Bets.

There are many types of basketball bets that can be made on College Basketball.

The most common way to bet on College Basketball is through Straight Bets. These are wagers that are made on the moneyline or against the spread.

Like with football, the spread (it is often called “the line”) is a number that oddsmakers and bookmakers assign to each game, in which they have “handicapped” one team against the other.

Just like in any other sport, in College Basketball one team is perceived as being more likely to beat another team based on that team’s talent, win-loss record, previous history against the opponent (often called head-to-head trends), its injuries status, along with several other factors. The team that is favored to win by a certain number of points is the favorite and the other is the underdog.

Oddsmakers and sportsbooks, in an attempt to make betting on the underdog in College Basketball Betting, will set the spread at a number of points that should, theoretically, get equal action on both sides.

For a team to “cover the spread,” in other words, win on the point spread, it must win by more than the number of points in the spread, or, in the case of the underdog, lose by less than the total of the spread.

With moneyline bets, one team must simply beat the other team. There is a premium – or “juice” – to be paid when betting on the favorite. For example a favored team may be at -200 odds on the moneyline, which means you would have to bet two dollars to win one dollar. But the underdog may be a +200 underdog, meaning you would be winning 2-1 money.

College Basketball Betting also features Proposition bets, or prop bets, which are bets made on a very specific outcome of a match, often involving which player will score the most points or dish out the most assists.

Another popular form of College Basketball Betting is Parlays, which involve multiple bets, usually up to a maximum of 12). Parlays can payout large amounts of winnings. For example, a bettor could include four different wagers in a four-team parlay, and if all the bets win, the bettor gets a huge payout. However, if just one of the four bets loses, the bettors loses the entire bet.

Another popular form of betting are progressive parlays and teasers.

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